Tara's Nail Art

So what about Zoya polishes totally rocking my world?

I have a wish list started so far. LOL. I’m addicted. I need a new promo or free shipping, something! I’ll really hate myself if I spend $7 on polish and then damn near another $7 just to ship it. :( Anyway, here’s what I have to have, like asap. LOL

  1. Edyta It’s a crazy multi-colored chrome with a olive like base color. Love it.
  2. Ibiza  This is a beast. It’s so blue. I just can’t stop looking at it.
  3. Ivanka I’m really hoping this is Charla’s green counterpart. Every picture I’ve seen of it, confirms this.
  4. Trixie This is the smoothest metallic I’ve ever seen. It’s beautiful.

So that’s my wish list. Amazing huh? 

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